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Michael Deeley


Born in the “swinging London” of the Sixties,  Michael has divided his youth years in between Sorrento, Italy, where he pursued all levels of Italian school grading, with a keen concentration on the study of Classic Literature and Arts, and the  film “sets” in the U.K. and USA, where his father, Michael Sr., operated at top levels of film production. Amongst many fim titles of the production end to which Michael jr. was an attentive observer,  are to be remembered “Convoy”, by Sam Peckinpah; “Driver” by Walter Hill; “Blade Runner”, by Ridley Scott.

The multi-faceted aspects of film production, as absorbed by the mind of Michael jr. in his young years, has formed in his character  a keen attention for the particular and most singular aspects of life, which have been of much use to him when, in his more mature years,  as a Tour Guide, he had to unravel to hungry for culture visitors to archaeological sites, such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and others, the most intricate and out of the ordinary aspects of Ancient Greek and Roman history.

His innate passion for History and Archaeology have done the rest.  He has been a very successful Tour Guide in the Campania Region for the past 15 years.

Pompeii History Tour


I was born and grew up in Sorrento, Italy,  in a large and much closely knit family. After high school grading in tourism, I was involved in several professional activities which had dealing with the public as a primary option, as  Travel Agency, Estate Agents, Legal end of the private renting of scooters, before becoming free-lance and obtaining the licence for Tour Leading, profession which I have been happily involved with  for the last 4 years.

At the same time I am studying to become “Humanistic Bioenergetic Counsellor”…. In other worlds, the understanding of Psychology and Public Relations have always been a second nature to me;  I have always been naturally led to understand people’s expectations and motivations… in any professional field I’ve operated this has always been my personal “brand”,  my personal success.