Caravaggio Tour in Naples

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Pompeii History Tour


Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

Minimum age 18 years

During our Caravaggio tour in Naples I will tell you stories and anecdotes regarding the great painter.


The Caravaggio tour in Naples starts with the biography of Michelangelo Merisi known as "Caravaggio" (name taken from the Lombard town where he was born).
His life was very adventurous and not a very lucky one… Orphan of his father because of the plague, wanted for murder by the Pope’s justice, ha was forced to run away to escape death by decapitation,  was thrown in a dungeon and turned away with spite by the Order of Chivalry of Malta, and died alone and in misterious circumstances.

Probably it is because of all of this, that he has been the artist whom, more than anyone else, felt on his own skin the restless spirit of that time, and tried to unveil, with his marvellous pictorial technique, the much dogmatic fog which was at the root of obscurantism of the last part of the 1500’s, laying bare of any ideal perspective or soft angle the subjects by him chosen and deciding to relentlessly show the reality of those years in its most bleak, marginal expression. 

Sometimes there seems to lack formal warmth in his imagery, but it’s the full power of his vision to be so intense and that which needs no further referral.

As in Prometheus’ myth, the eternal rebel, whom in his physical might is capable to sustain unthinkable of supplice, as he shall never let go of his personal fight against fate, so Caravaggio’s characters,  even the most reject, oppose to their own nature of wretchedness amongst the wretched, that mightiness of flesh and blood which they are modelled on, that perfect blend of titan and human, which for a moment lets ponder on the illusion of being able to sustain forever time decay, an endurance attempt  fought against those very powers of light and dark, which give them birth as well as mark them as castaways forever.

In the city of Naples, as far as we know, Caravaggio worked on about 20 paintings, but most of these works are now to be found in big world museums – from the Metropolitan in New York, to the National Gallery in London, to the Louvre in Paris – whilst in Naples there remained three paintings, today exposed at different points of this city: three incredible masterpieces which reveal the essence of the incredible fascination behind the work of this incredible Artist.

In my History tour of Caravaggio in Naples we shall delve through the backstreets of the Neapolitan city to discover and admire these 3 fundamental masterpieces; fundamental for the understanding of his Art:  “The Seven Works of Mercy” at the “Pio Monte” , “The Martyrdom of Saint Orsola”, at “Palazzo Zevallos”, and “The Flagellation of Christ” in Capodimonte Museum.

Admiring these paintings, it will become quite clear to you what were the deep and profound objectives which have fed the work of this great Artist.

In my Caravaggio tour in Naples I shall also reveal to you the beauty of other painting of that time, done by the so called “Caravaggisti”, who operated in the footsteps of Caravaggio and not only that:  some of them tried to repeat the same turbulent life conditions of their Master, with results all there for you to discover!

My Caravaggio Tour in Naples has a duration of approx. 4 hours, and during our walk through town to reach the places where the paintings are exhibited, you can admire all the beauty of Naples and, at your pleasure, can choose to personalize the tour according to your own interest.


The transport to the site offers 3 options:

  • The local train line “Circumvesuviana” which runs every half hour from
    Sorrento to destination, and will take approx. 40 minutes for Pompeii; an
    hour for Herculaneum and 1 hour 20 for Naples. It’s economic but quite raw.
  • The train line “Campania Express” which runs at approx a couple of hours
    distance one from the other, and takes about 25 minutes to Pompeii, 40 min.
    to Herculaneum and about 55 min. to Naples. It costs a little bit more but
    offers more guarantees for a seat and cuts off most of the intermediate stops
    in between Sorrento and destination.
  • Private car hire.


  • 4 h guided walking tour
  • Fully licensed professional tour guide English motherlanguage speaking

Not included

  • Entrance fee to the museums
  • Transportation to/from attractions (train or car, of your choosing)
  • Food and drinks

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