Pompeii history tour

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Pompeii History Tour


Pompeii History Tour

Max 8 people

Pompeii History Tour

2 hours

Pompeii History Tour

Minimum age 18 years


My Archaeological tour of Pompeii tells us everyday about exceptional anecdotes and singular aspects which I shall have the pleasure of informing you about:  “Why did Emperor Vespasian decide to tax the human urine used by laundry-men ?” “How can a tub for the washing of clothes inside an Ancient Roman laundry still connected to its gutter end, can be seen by us today in near perfect condition?” “Why was a gladiator show, today considered one of the most brutal bits of public entertainment ever conceived, so popular in ancient Pompeii?”

You will fall in love with the architectonic majesty of the Basilica (the local Tribunal) but at the same time watching a “graffiti” on the lateral wall of  a building which expresses a rather opinionated comment regarding the presumed loving valency of a trace gladiator, or noticing the presence of a phallic symbol engraved on a town wall close to one of the busy street junctions, will have us reflect on how we are not ourselves too dissimilar from the inhabitants of ancient Pompeii.

We share with them the same feelings and passions, fears ambitions and jeaulosies, feelings of affection -  even though these were relayed by them in this rather unconventional form, they are deep down just the same as our own private feelings and thougths, which even though today are exchanged between us in ways that can seem lesser invasive from an urban decor point of view, thanks to our digital tecnology, by using an email or a chat, are fundamentally similar thanks to their potential of immediate and unmistakeable understanding.

Which ever way one puts it, a guided history tour of this ancient coastal roman town, the rich Pompeii, will offer you a more than unique chance of delving through the daily meanders of a rich with multicultural aspects civilization, one which has been a starting motor to our tecnological evolution, and not only that;  a civilization which suffered an immense set-back that fatal 24th of August of the year 79 A.D., the day when life in Pompeii stopped.

Mount Vesuvius, which dominated from high up the inhabited centre, violently erupted and in only three days buried this bustling with activity community under 9 ft. of volcanic debris.

During our history tour of Pompeii, it will be my pleasure to let you experience che splendour and opulence of this ancient founding model of our modern times, making you feel at the end of our tour a little closer to these human ancestors of ours, than what the two thousand years which separate us from them would ever let us think possible.  


The transport to the site offers 3 options:

  • The local train line “Circumvesuviana” which runs every half hour from
    Sorrento to destination, and will take approx. 40 minutes for Pompeii; an
    hour for Herculaneum and 1 hour 20 for Naples. It’s economic but quite raw.
  • The train line “Campania Express” which runs at approx a couple of hours
    distance one from the other, and takes about 25 minutes to Pompeii, 40 min.
    to Herculaneum and about 55 min. to Naples. It costs a little bit more but
    offers more guarantees for a seat and cuts off most of the intermediate stops
    in between Sorrento and destination.
  • Private car hire.


  • Professional licensed guide
  • Tour guide English motherlanguage speaking

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  • Entrance tickets
  • Cost of transport
  • Food and beverages

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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