Tour of the Baroque in Naples

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Pompeii History Tour


Pompeii History Tour

Max 6 people

Pompeii History Tour

2 hours

Pompeii History Tour

Minimum age 18 years


The great painter Caravaggio was in Naples from 1606 to 1607 and, while in town, worked on some of his most important masterpieces.  Of the many existing, you shall admire the masterpiece “The seven works of mercy” inside the Palazzo of Pio Monte,  a masterful example of Baroque architecture, and “The martyrdom of Saint Orsola”, a painting part of the art collection of Palazzo Zevallos in Naples, which, with its particular light, seems to tell us that Baroque is none else that a form of art made possible by the perseverance and obstination of great men who were trying to better understand the greatest form of art of all, that created by God. 

The same masterpiece of the “Veiled Christ”, a marble sculpture by Giuseppe Sammartino, preserved inside the Sansevero Chapel in Naples, one of the greatest sculpture masterpieces existing, offers us a vision of Christ’s effigy that is only to be perceived through the myriad of see-through  shaded angles of the veil covering his face,  which in their realistic perfection, remind us of the theory of the blending of elements typical of the alchemic occult.

In our tour of the Baroque in Naples, you shall enjoy the natural joyfulness and thousand-year old history of the town blend to perfection with the majestic “trompe d’oeil”, architectonic and artistic, which allows us to understand in a full overview,  all the nobility and tragedy of the neapolitan people, aways looking for new ways with which to fully express their multi-talented uniqueness and versatility.

The tour of the Baroque shall allow you to delve to the discovery of multiple works of art inside the churches of Naples, together with a fully expert guide,  a real “art connaisseur”, who shall enlighten you, with key attention to the particular, regarding the contents of a unique in the world collection… unique because of the variety of subjects and number of paintings, dating back to this extraordinary historic/artistic time of the Baroque,  in Naples,  and in the whole of Italy.


The transport to the site offers 3 options:

  • The local train line “Circumvesuviana” which runs every half hour from
    Sorrento to destination, and will take approx. 40 minutes for Pompeii; an
    hour for Herculaneum and 1 hour 20 for Naples. It’s economic but quite raw.
  • The train line “Campania Express” which runs at approx a couple of hours
    distance one from the other, and takes about 25 minutes to Pompeii, 40 min.
    to Herculaneum and about 55 min. to Naples. It costs a little bit more but
    offers more guarantees for a seat and cuts off most of the intermediate stops
    in between Sorrento and destination.
  • Private car hire.


  • 2 h. 30 min.  guided walking tour
  • Fully licensed professional tour guide English motherlanguage speaking

Not included

  • Entrance fee to the sites 
  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Food and drinks

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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Pompeii History Tour

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